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Project Description
Allows site members to edit their profiles using a user control based on Umbraco membership tabs and properties.

What is is?
I initially began developing this for a client project running Umbraco CMS.

The client needed a way for members to be able to edit their profiles via the website.
This is very much a work in progress, but feel free to download the Alpha release and see what it does.

Currently it only pulls the profile tab and properties structure.

Tabs are displayed using the AjaxControlToolkit.dll (version 1.0 that comes with Umbraco)

It has a lot of potential.

I am still working on developing the saving feature, but it's going to make a world of difference in it's usability.

How to implement
Create a new usercontrol macro in Umbraco and add it to a template.
The document that is using the template should be setup with membership login access privileges.

That's it!!

Please give me feedback on whether or not this will be a benefit to you or anyone on current or future projects.

I will continue development until I tire of it or it's completed.


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